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    Scott O Hirsch entered the commercial email marketing business (a.k.a. the spam game) in 1998 when he founded eDirect, which later merged with Naviant in 2002. Time[16] reported that Hirsch sold Naviant to consumer credit giant Equifax[17] for a staggering $135,000,000. The combined entity known as Naviant became one of the largest players in the Internet direct-marketing space. Naviant went on to be a leader in online registration trends and introduced the concept of email data appending ("e-pending") to postal lists.

    In 2004 Hirsch founded Relation Serve Media, an interactive advertising agency also specializing in email marketing. Hirsch took the company public on the American Stock Exchange in 2005 under the symbol RSVM. in 2008 Scott founded DigDev, a digital media agency doing business as DigDev Direct.

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    The target audience is one of the most crucial details to understand when creating a brand. Consider the types of customers you wish to attract, such as brand-new dog owners, younger dog companions, and trainers of dog shows. To increase your chances of separating out from the competition, you...
    No matter how people feel about the last 13 months, everyone can agree that our day-to-day lives have completely changed. From holidays to birthdays to working and shopping, everything changed out of pure necessity. However, as more vaccinations roll out, many tasks will eventually return to...
    Delray Beach, Florida. – Scott Hirsch CEO of Media Direct and internationally recognized expert in data, analytics, and digital marketing, has created a lasting legacy. Scott O Hirsch helped develop several commonly used data technology concepts. These include opt-in email, digital data/media...
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